We advise on a wide range of residential opportunities across the UK, from ‘ready to go’, high quality, small schemes to 5,000 unit plus strategic proposals. We combine our land dealing skills with our experience and understanding of the planning system.

Providing in-depth insight on planning approaches, realistic timescales and prospects, we guide landowners and corporate clients on the best means of maximising and realising their assets. We advise you and work closely with your solicitor and planning consultant on:

  • outright unconditional sales
  • immediate sales with top ups or claw back
  • conditional sales (with targets and overage provisions)
  • option agreements
  • promotional agreements

We have also carried out a variety of land purchases for and sales to local, regional and national housebuilders.

We have and are advising landowners and developers on various "garden village" schemes. In addition to the land purchase function, we have been involved with the scheme and project evolution; assisted on promotional activities; as well as meeting both central and local government.

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